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Brody Moore Racing Mission Statement

At Brody Moore Racing we strive to reflect daily on our blessings, talents, and the team that propels us. We realize that the people we are surrounded by, are the real key to any organization or individual’s success.  I am grateful for each and everyone of you, my family, fans, advertising partners, team, fellow competitors and track promoters.  Our mission is to put in 110%, on and off the track. We will win and lose as a team, do it with honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship and make our supporters proud. 

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"We are excited to announce that Brody Moore was excepted into the Race Face Family of Drivers program.  The program recognizes the next wave of up-and-coming young racers in the country and Brody has met the criteria both on and off the track.  We see a true desire to excel in racing with Brody and we are excited to be working with him and his family".  RFBD Rod Wortham